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Our Must-Try, Brand New Ergoline Vitality TLT (Total Light Technology)! This top-of-the-line bed is nothing short of AMAZING!


Build your best tan in a hurry with our strongest & most luxurious bed while enjoying the benefits of Red and Blue Light Therapy!  Its powerful design provides the fastest and strongest bronzing results for those seeking deeper, longer-lasting tans, while using the newest and best innovative technology to emit the perfect trio of Red Light, Blue Light, and UV Light - making it one of the most saught after new beds in the industry for people of all skin types!


Total Light Technology represents a new era in combined UV and Light Technology. This combination of Red Light, Blue Light, and UV provides optimal tanning results while vastly reducing the chance of burning. From personalized control of UV settings to a fully UV-Free session (Sensitive, Medium, Intensive and UV-Free), you will love the freedom to custom tailor each session to attain your desired color development and light therapy goals, all in less than 10 minutes! 


Relax and enjoy a unique Full-Body Tanning and Light Therapy expericence including the Spectra LED Facial and Shoulder Tanner. It also features Surround Cooling Plus 3-Zone Ventilation and Temptronic AC Sytem that you control, Cinematic Sound (just connect your Smart Phone's Bluetooth), and Aqua Mist plus Aroma that is heavenly, and so much more!


Diamond-level members have access to every UV bed in our salon!


LEVEL 3:  GOLD (Lay-down)


The Ergoline 500 Evolution Turbo Power is one of the most comfortable and powerful in its class.  It utilizes advanced UV technology and an Ultra Performance facial system to give you the dark, beautiful, long-lasting tan you expect.  Its extra-wide Body Shape acrylic surface allows an amazing amount of movement so you can find just the right position.  It also features: 


  • Shoulder & neck tanning reflectors;
  • Side tanning section;
  • 3 optional, adjustable Ultra Performance facial tanners;
  • Speed controllable, multi-level body cooling system;
  • 12-min maximum exposure time


LEVEL 3:  GOLD (Stand-Up)


Engineered to provide a unique standing tanning environment, the Ergoline Essence 48 Smart Powers delivers a beautifully even, full-body tan in a 9-minute tanning exposure time for busy tanners on the go!  With over 6.5 feet of tanning power, it can easily accommodate even the tallest tanner, while its transflow ceiling fan maintains the tanning environment at a comfortably cool temperature.




Gold-level members have access to our Gold Lay-Down and Gold Stand-Up, Silver & Bronze UV beds!




The Solaris 542 will deliver the gorgeous bronze glow you're after & offers the shortest tanning time in its class.  Its ergonomically designed, extra wide 7-foot long tanning surface allows for a comfortably spacious tanning session while providing an even distribution of light.  It also features:.



  • 3 high-pressure 400 watt facial lamps with Xtreme Reflection™ facial glass
  • Variable speed body cooling system;
  • 12-min maximum exposure time


Silver-level members have access to our Silver & Bronze UV beds!




With its combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials, the Ambition 250 is loaded with tanning power.  Its Body Curve extended surface softly supports you while giving you a beautiful, even tan.  It also features:

  • Optional high-pressure facial lamps;
  • Body cooling fan;
  • 15-min maximum exposure time

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