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Our New Diamond Bed is HERE!!!


Check the Services Tab then the UV Tanning Tab for more info! But here's a quick intro... it's a 9 minute-max bed including UV, red light and blue light, that you can customize by choosing "Sensitive, Medium or Intensive" sessions, you can connect your Bluetooth for your own listening pleasure, and can customize aroma, mist spray, air conditioning, facial bulbs intensity and much more! And once you find your favorite settings combo, you can save it and automatically set it for future sessions!



And we are so excited to announce that our

Elite Custom Airbrushing is BACK!

We are using top-rated Norvell products and the results are simply beautiful!

Call the salon to book an appointment with Jackie

or text/call her directly at 770-616-7322!


Also, we have upgraded our  RED LIGHT THERAPY bed!! Our previous bed was GREAT, but this upgraded bed is beyond AMAZING! Our  Revive PRO-IR (Infrared) Laydown Bed  is the first of its kind to offer infrared AND red-light LED technology for the  ENTIRE BODY  in each session!! It goes way deeper into the skin to produce faster-acting and longer-lasting rejuvenation for the mind and body! It can improve skin tone and texture, increase full-body cellular turnover, clear up many skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, scars etc., aid in muscle recovery and relieve aches and pains, provide anti-aging benefits like boosting collagen and reducing fine lines and wrinkles... and so much more, for your entire body in one bed!  Just a few 20 minute sessions per week are plenty to see and feel amazing results! In a hurry? You can always do less than 20 minutes on some days and space your sessions out as desired! It's up to you! Check it out, you won't regret it! We had to wait months and months for this top-of-the-line bed to finally come out on the market and the very day it did, we got it and it was totally worth the wait!!

Tanning salons are not only for tanning anymore, Ladies and Gents, the Wellness Era is moving in fast! Don't miss out!



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